Two Ways to Build a Business

In building your business, whether you are a sales person, CEO, VP Sales, Entrepreneur, Provider of Professional, etc, you have two options. A) Start from scratch and spend lots to time and money in achieving your results, or B) Acquire the knowledge you need by learning from the mistakes of others and using proven techniques … Continue reading Two Ways to Build a Business

4 Steps to Close the Deal

Eli Manning said one of the key messages coach Tom Coughlin preached this season was the need to “finish the game”.  The football game is 60 minutes long and you need to come prepared to play all 60 minutes and finish the job. For sales people, finishing means closing the sale.  Often CEO’s call me … Continue reading 4 Steps to Close the Deal

Three Tips to Increase Sales

You can dramatically increase sales by helping your customer succeed. But how do you do that? 1. Become a stakeholder in your customers success. Make it part of your responsibility to help them succeed. 2. Develop a relationship with your customer that shows you are invested in them. This sets you apart from your competition … Continue reading Three Tips to Increase Sales