Bob Danzig

“Star marketers of the world seek opportunities that benefit their customers” Bob Danzig Former CEO Hearst Newspapers, Author, & Professional Speaker   Translation: Early in Bob’s career, he made a name for himself selling advertising by finding innovative ways of helping small businesses reach their markets. His approach of seeking opportunities that benefited his … Continue reading Bob Danzig

A Scientist’s Blueprint for Success in Sales and Life

Recently, I had the privilege of being invited by the Weizmann Institute of Science to visit with their scientists in Rehovot, Israel and got a feel for the projects they are involved in. It was exhilarating listening to all the presentations of advances being worked on that will positively impact humanity. Pioneering cancer researcher, Professor … Continue reading A Scientist’s Blueprint for Success in Sales and Life

Realizing the Privilege

Recently I had the opportunity of reading the findings of a report written by a world renowned specialist to the physician that referred my mother. When you visit a highly specialized doctor, the attitude you may expect to find is that of someone who knows they are good and really doesn’t have much time for … Continue reading Realizing the Privilege

Loyalty Starts With You

As a leader, you set the direction for your team, company and customer. You set expectations and provide the tools for meeting them. If you don’t have the right tools, watch out. The damage from falling short of expectations will be far worse than not getting the business to begin with. Here is an example. … Continue reading Loyalty Starts With You

Larry Wilson

“I don’t believe in the kinds of questions I know the answers to I believe in the kinds of questions that provide facts and information” Larry Wilson   Translation: Asking the wrong the set of questions bores your prospect and does nothing to further the sales process along. Asking the right questions uncovers vital information … Continue reading Larry Wilson

Watching the Fish go Down

The Partnership for a Drug Free America has a great commercial. Honestly, I forgot the message. But the visual was awesome. It involved a fish tank with a couple of gold fish swimming around. During the commercial, the water level constantly drops until there was hardly any water left. You may wonder, what did the … Continue reading Watching the Fish go Down