Growing Your Business And Sales Through Great Customer Experiences

The fastest way to grow your business and sales is by providing your customers with great customer experiences. Great customer experiences occur when everyone in the company, not just the sales reps, accept the responsibility and accountability for the role they play in the process. This video shows one example of how people were not … Continue reading Growing Your Business And Sales Through Great Customer Experiences

Coach -You’re Fired!!!

Okay, here is another golf anecdote. For all you non-golfers, I promise to make this relevant to your sales success. Golfer Phil Mickelson fired his long time coach last weekend. Yesterday, Mickelson won the US Players Championship. Phil will be the first one to tell you he got a lot out of his old coach, … Continue reading Coach -You’re Fired!!!

Are You Like the IRS?

In an effort to keep tax payers honest, the IRS is stepping up both its audit and customer service efforts at the same time. Interestingly, the IRS has created the position of Tax Advocate, an individual who monitors how tax payers are treated and makes recommendations to the IRS on how to improve its customer … Continue reading Are You Like the IRS?

Realizing the Privilege

Recently I had the opportunity of reading the findings of a report written by a world renowned specialist to the physician that referred my mother. When you visit a highly specialized doctor, the attitude you may expect to find is that of someone who knows they are good and really doesn’t have much time for … Continue reading Realizing the Privilege

And the Survey Says…

Stop trying to guess what your customers want and just ask them. Surveys are the best means available to gain a true picture of your customer’s needs, wants and expectations. Caution: Be sure your questions are clear and you truly understand your customer’s answers. Case Study: When Hertz surveyed their customers, they heard the message … Continue reading And the Survey Says…

Honor Thy Buyer

Richard Burley comes through again. If you recall, Richard was highlighted in our Titan Profile last month. Recently, I spoke with Richard on the phone and he was telling me of his plans to invite 100 of his clients to a roundtable discussion in April with the theme being “Honor Thy Buyer”. What a powerful … Continue reading Honor Thy Buyer